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For back and front printing

Prints on both sides on textile ribbons, cardboard labels, pressed, continuated or complete membranes as well as on continued paper, cardboard and plastic materials. A traction roll separates materials from the pigmented ribbon, enhancing printing precision.

  • No printing head regolation in case of different width materials.
  • Counter-rolls for tight and thin materials.
  • Activation and functioning compatible with A+ series.
XD4T label printer
Dpi printing resolution 300
Printing width up to mm 105,6
Printing speed up to mm/s 125
Cutting blade

To cut paper materials, self-adhesive labels, cardboard, plastic or textile materials and thermal-shrinking membrane.

Perforation blade

Allows to perforate materials to separate them by hand later on.

Stacker with cutting group

Printed materials are stacked and cutted. Once reached maximum stacking height, printing process is interrupted. Rigid or folded material can also be worked. It’s suggested to request material test execution by our offices.

Counter-rolls suited for thin and tight materials

Over material width, printing head rubs on the counter-roll. With tight counter-rolls it can be avoided advancing errors and printing head and counter-roll usury. Three standard width are available in stock.