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SmartLase – C series

The SmartLase C series offers the right configuration for every sector, always providing a solutions, disregarding from product’s speed, size and substrate (wide range of lens, scan heads and laser sources). SL C150, SL C350 and SL C350 L are designed for chocolate, frozen foods and desiccated food markets that need paper packages marking. SL C150 S and SL C350 S are designed for PET marking, reducing containers perforation risk, even of very thin and light bottles.

The advantages

  • Codes more than 100.000 product per hour.
  • Up tol 99,9% availability rate with easy integration.
  • Coders life duration increased of 30%.
  • Scan head module change in less than 10 minutes without allignments.
  • Integrated laser pointing diode and power meter for an easy diagnostics.
  • WYSIWYG 72 remoted touch screen.
  • Laser head in IP55 version (humidity/dust protection grade) in standard equipment.
  • SmartLase works at a max temperature of 45°C (113°F) due to head and controller’s optimized cooling flows. Compressed air is not required for cooling.