Underhand Flow Pack machine

  • Sizes (WixLexH): 1.000 x 3.800 x 1.800 mm.
  • Weigth: 700 kg.
  • Installed power: 3,5 Kw
  • Voltage: 400V Trifase + T + N
  • Compressed air consumption: 50NL at 6/7 atmospheres
  • Packaging speed: 70/80 packagings per minute
  • Printed film centering photocell
  • “no product no bag” photocell
  • Automatic pneumatic opening of lonigtudinal sealing wheels
  • Printers and markers
  • Label-tray and labellers
  • Multi-sectors horizontal sealer
  • Double reel-trail
  • Automatic reel junction
  • Automatic power supply systems
  • Special transportation systems
  • Zig-zag knife
  • Euroslot
  • Full stainless version
  • RAL 9007 painted steel and aluminum main cantilever structure and stainless steel carter
  • Adjustable support feet
  • AISI 304 stainless steel parts in contact with the product
  • 1.600 mm. long  vane loading belt (standard)
  • Rapid extraction product pushers in plastic falimentary material
  • Configuration in order to work with more steps
  • Horizontal sealing group with two pairs of 120 mm. diameter wheels, the tow cold one for first and the second one hot for sealing
  • Rotating horizontal sealer with one sector 240 mm. width
  • Independent temperatures adjustment (Horizontal sealer and longitudinal sealing wheels)
  • Electronic security friction on horizontal sealer
  • Adjustable or stationary tunnel (of choice)
  • Overhead reel-trail for reel of 500 max width
  • 800 mm exit tape
  • Independent horizontal brushless motorization of the 4 main axes (750W brushless motor that controls horizontal sealers 400W brushless motor that controls the loading tape and 400W brushless motor that controls the tape under the longitudinal sealers)
  • Independent exit tape motorization
  • Ongoing machine stop
  • Panel buttons: continuous march, reset, mushroom emergency, ongoing stop
  • 7″ color Touch Screen with the chance to recall and adjust: machine speed, packaging length, temperatures, product phase (possibility to memorize up to 99 programs)
  • Tele assistance (VPN web configuration dependable on the customer)
  • CEE Standard Security Protections
  • Machine standard version with loading on left and product exit on right


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