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DLM KeTS labeling machines series is the result obtained by Delta Service in years of research in the automatic labeling sector. All the functions executed by KeTS machine series are managed and controlled by a microprocessor installed inside 3.5 touch electronic programmer, capable of storing up to 100 program memories.
DLM-Ks series labeling machines are equipped with a fast stepper motor that ensures a precise labeling and an extreme ease of regolation.

Furthermore, Delta Service offers a wide range of support structures (bases, columns, joints, therminals, moving belts, etc.) that allows the installation of the labeling machines in various positions (horizontally, vertically, above, below, laterally, or angularly) in relation to the moving systme, of our supply or already existent.

Heat or thermal transfer printing systems of various sizes and performances can also be connected to the machine. As optionals, various accessories like pneumatic applicators, ASA applicators, etc… are available.

Technical features

DLM-31-KsTS DLM-315-KsTS DLM-320-KsTS
LABEL WIDTH 100 mm 150 mm 200 mm
REEL EXTERNAL DIAMETER 280 mm 280 mm 280 mm
REEL INTERNAL DIAMETER 42 mm 42 mm 42 mm
LABEL STOP PRECISION +/-0,5 mm +/-0,5 mm +/-1,0 mm
LINEAR SPEED (ADJUSTABLE) 40m/min max 35m/min max 30m/min max
MOTOR 400N/cm stepper 600N/cm stepper 600N/cm stepper
SPEED CONTROL remoted touch screen remoted touch screen remoted touch screen
AVAILABLE VERSIONS right/left right/left right/left
MACHINE BODY Anodized aluminum/Stainless steel Anodized aluminum/Stainless steel Anodized aluminum/Stainless steel
SIZES (LXHXD) 65x35x43 cm 65x39x43 cm 65x44x43 cm
WEIGHT 27 Kg 32 Kg 40 Kg