AP 5.4 II Gen

The versatile talent that your product needs


The AP 5.4 can really do anything! High speed print on “Rating Plates”, self-adhesive labels, paper, cardboard and plastic materials like PE, PP, PVCand PA. results are remarkable: an excellent print that resists to atmospheric agents, chemical substances and scrapings.

It can print barcodes, VDE and other symbols, fonts and unmerous serials according to your preferences and on a wide range of materials.

Versatile, powerful, price competitive

Your labels for all kinds of application are made with ease and speed.

A perfect combination of foil, labels and printing pressure allows to AP 5.4 to product a printing result resistent to scraping, chemical agents and bad weather.

  • This mades  AP 5.4 an expert in the “Rating Plates” printing for all kinds of electronic equipements. Your product will be labelled for life ensuring therefore the traceability through serial number.
  • These specifications are required in a wide range of labelling applications in the car industry.

The traceability of parts like wiring and door’s internal panels can be ensured with a reliable labelling.

Easy to use

The ease of operation and the controls intuitivity make simple AP 5.4 use. Foil and labels replacement is simplified by the material guide’s lateral opening. It’s also very easy to replace the printing head and the contrast roller. Printing head replacement doesen’tm require dedicated tools. Printing pressure can be modified ina simple and fast way through the specific regolation. Graphic display also shows status messages and menus in a direct and easy to understand way.

Functional and versatile

Based on your needs AP 5.4 can print fonts, standard symbols and barcodes on a wide range of materials. Further bonuses are the strong and functional design and its features of which: the accessibility to printing module, the easy printing head’s maintenance and the rearrangeable labels sensor.

Adaptable, with modular extensions

AP 5.4 is equipped with an Ethernet connection that allows you to integrate it as a part of your existent system. Alternatively it can also be used in “offline” mode in the more various productive processess. A wide range of accessories of which: reflex sensor, cutter, wrapper and dispenser, assures you a process optimization and the possibility to manage in a flexible way the label printing.

AP 4.4 -The smart alternative

If you need simple printing applications instead AP 5.4 is also available in the Basic version – the AP 4.4. The ease of operation and the strong construction make of AP 4.4 a reliable partner. The wide range of materials on which is possible to print ensures that AP 4.4 pleases any expectation. Following are detailed specifications.

Specifiche tecniche
AP5.4 AP4.4
Printing technology thermal transfer and thermal direct print
Printing resolution 203 / 300 dpi
Printing speed 50 – 200 mm/s (203 dpi) 50 – 150 mm/s (300 dpi)
Printing length 5 – 1,000 mm
Printing width up to 105 mm
Memory 16 MB RAM / 4 MB Flash ROM
Emulation EasyPlug,MLI
Interfaces Centronics Parallel, Serial RS-232 C, Ethernet USB Slave V1.1, PS/2, CF-Card Slot, AP 5.4 periferical version: peripheral device additional connector, WLAN functionality, Web Server, FTP Server Centronics Parallel, Serial RS-232 C, USB Slave V1.1
Fonts 17 included Fonts OCR-A and OCR-B, 2 Font deductable fonts, True Type Fonts supported, up to factor 8 deductable Fonts in X7Y directions, 90°, 180°, 270° rotation
Barcodes Mono-dimensional: EAN 8 and EAN 13 with 2 and 5 added, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 39 Ratio 3:1 and Ratio 2,5:1, Code ITF, Codabar, UPS Code 128, Code 2/5, Code 2/5 1, Code 2/5 5, Code 2/5 Interleaved Ratio 1:3, Code 2/5 Matrix Ratio 1:2,5; Code 2/5 Matrix Ratio 1:3; Code MSI, Code EAN 128; Postcode (Guide code and Identity), UPS Code 128, all barcodes are deductable in 16 widths and in height; two-dimensional: Data Matrix Code, Maxi Code, PDF417, Codablock F, , GS1 databar
Graphic formats BMP, PCX, JPG, TIF, GIF
Software Windows® Drivers (95 / 98 / 2000 / 2003/ NT / XP / Vista)
Materials specifications Labels in roll, materials suitable for thermal direct and thermal transfer print, plastic foils, PE, PP, PVC, PA. Material width up to 120 mm (up to 110 mm with dispenser), 60 – 240 g/mq thickness. Roll material external diameter up to 210 mm, core diameter 1,5“, 3“, 4“
Foil specifications Foil width 25 – 110 mm, max foil external diameter 80 mm,foil type determined length (material thickness) up to 500 m; core diameter 25 mm, internal color side (possible external)
Control panel LCD graphic display 4 buttons display with two 16 characters lines (122 x 32 pixel), possibility to chose between various european languages
Weight 14kg
Sizes (H x L x W) 272 x 260 x 462 mm
Power supply 100 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Standard CE, GS (TÜV), CSA, CCC, CB Report
Enviromental Operativity temperatures 5 – 40°C, humidity 30 – 85% non-condesing
Accessori (standard) Real-time clock, label cut blade label cut blade
Accessori (optional) Offline version with keyboard, foot switch, reflex sensor, CF Card, Foot switch WLAN Card, I/O card with RS connector 232/422/485,
on request: RFID kit and internal scanner. pheripheral device AP 5.4 : cutter, internal and external wrapper, unfilming kit
Foot switch

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