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Micro-characters inkjet – 9450

Designed to support system’s total efficiency improvement (OEE)


If improving productive processes efficiency is one of your priorities, the new 9450 marker is thought for you. The new Markem Imaje 9450 is designed to offer a total availability, mantain high productive cadences and protect every product with the right code!

The advantages

  • Optimize your production performances. 99,9% of availability(2).
  • Up to 20% reduction(3) of usage materials, energy (no need of system ventilation) and optimization of waste management related costs.
  • Cleaning with water pressure and industrial cleanser is enough to please hygiene requisites (serial IP56 protection, optional IP66).
  • Automatic cleaning system ensures perfect ink jet stability.
  • Smart usage material managing systemistem, without configuration.
  • Promotion and serializzation coding functions to realize marketing initiatives.
  • High contrast and adherence level inks, available in various colors, based on your needs. Eco-friendly inks and anti-forgery solutions.
  • Exercise costs containment due to a smart monitoring system.
  • Code integrity is automatically verified due to the new Mark&Read integratedvision system(4).


(2) We please to contact Markem-Imaje’s headquarter for more informations about our service pack.
(3) In relation to other products of the same cathegory.
(4) Partner with COGNEX.