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Micro-characters inkjet – 9028

Designed to give you the innovation you deserve with the simplicity you need, Markem Imaje’s new 9028 marker eases every day work, and makes you save time!

Easy to substitute, the M6 circuit is extractable and insertable in a click , all in less than 6 minutes, without special tools needed. Furthermore, configuration is made automatic and clean, due to the new designed innovative cartridge and the new inks range (MEK and permanents-free), with an optimized general production and user work.

Thanks to a simplified design, 9028 coder is ready to print after few minutes from the activation, even in the more aggressive enviroments.

The advantages

  • Up to 4 printing lines
  • Printing speed: up to 4,4 m/s
  • Logos creation directly on the user/machine interface
  • Ensured printing quality due to Jet Speed Control
  • Fonts automatic selection in relation to printing speed and object/printing head distance