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64-0X series

Thermal transfer printers for high performances

64-0x series is the thermal transfer and thermal direct high performances printers line with a print width of 101,6, 127, 152,4 and 203,2 mm (4″, 5″, 6″ e 8″)

Ideal for labels and high volumes print:

  • Already existent lines integration
  • Labels in compliance
  • Labels for all the supply chain

Efficient and productive print:

  • strong and reliable
  • modularity and integration with applicators
  • foil saving function
  • high quality print
  • complete with all the connections
  • RFID

Impressive and unbeatable

Performance excellence and quality are our best product’s trademarks. Labels made in a professional way give the product a more precise position on the market. Labels has to contain a wide number of variable datas. Avery Dennison printers provide precise, efficient and fast solutions to your labeling needs.

Custom performance

If speed and flawless quality are your needs, 64-bit high performance thermal transfer printer is your ideal partner.
The 64-bit is significantly faster than its competitors and extremely economic, other than easy to use. It can equally satisfy all requests like barcodes, production labels or tags, with 300 dpi 64-bit’s high resolution assures an unbeatable and permanent printed result. This due to its high performance processor.
With its barcodes and fonts library, produces with ease two-dimensional pictrues, rotates deductable fonts without restriction and increases them to meet all your requests. And if the high performances contained as a standard in the 64-bit aren’t enough, its memory can be expanded from 8 to 72 MB.

  • Near – edge head (12 dots/mm, 300 dpi)
  • Foil saving mechanism from 6 mm
  • Easy to use
  • Deductable fonts up to a 16 factor
  • Rotatable fonts of 90°, 180° e 360°
  • 1.5″, 3″ and 4″ material roll’s inside core
  • References proved on the market (operativity on 3 turns)
  • Strong, Versatile, Reliable


Thanks to a multi-tasking operating system, the 64-bit trasfers instantaneously your datas and produces high class results up to 400 mm/s at a 300 dpi resolution.

Trust in the Dot control

Control and check system (standard dot control function and /or optional online verifier) assures reliable printing results even for complex applications. So you can be sure that even the smallest error will be eliminated from the start.

Practical and flexible

Technology can be so simple: 64-bit’s quick change function. Printing head can be changed quickly and easily without any tool.
Meccanismo Risparmio Foil

64-bit ensures a smart foil usage. Starting from an unprinted 6 mm area, foil saving mechanism reduces significantly material usage and can bring to a significant cut in your costs.

Extraordinarly cheap

Thermal transfer 64-bit printer allows you to manage unlimited resources. An up to 600 m foil addition capability allows immediate savings and remarkable settting times.

Printing armony

Avery Dennison sticks to the modular concept. After all, removable accessories like cutter, rewinder and dispensers make easy your job supporting all kinds of applications and supplying the perfect finishing for your printing processes.