North-east area commercial manager

Commercial manager to direct to a career in sales.

Our interlocutors are all commodities sectors PMI businessmen to whom we directly present promotional and relations ideas useful to develop their activity.

We are searching for dynamic Men and Women with:

  • High relational skills with marked managing and organizzational skills.
  • A strong responsibility sense and results orientation.
  • Determination and ambition.

Are well-accepted, but not fundamental, past experiences in company-selling, it’s essential to have a car and to be interested interested to start this activity in a professional way.

We offer:

  • Practical and theoretical international culture formation.
  • Monthly warrantee of 1.500€
  • A stimulating commision system with prizes and incentives
  • A modern sales supporting and managing system.
  • Meritocratic organizzation.
  • Real career and professional growth opportunities.