Go to the site Proud partner of Find out more New Brand New Design Unchanged valors Made in Italy innovation DLM-KsTS series Find out more All DLM-KsTS series functions are managed and controlled by
a micro-processor installed inside the touch3.5 programmer,
capable of storing up to 100 program memories.
Find out the more suited software to help you in label creation Download Download and download its trial version. SmartLase F200 - Fiber Laser SmartLase C350 - CO2 Laser Find out more Find out more Enhance Yyour packaging line For polymers e metals Integrable with any encoding system
and with FESTO parts.
Find out more DLM-LOT encoder
Studied for labelling, inkjet or laser marking destined
cosmetic products transport and integrable with DLM
labelling machines
or already existent lines.
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64-0X series Integrable with already existent lines, the 64-0X
high performances printer allows in compliance
and for all the supply chain labellings.
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SQUIX PRINTER Printer used in a wide range of application
and evolution of the successful A+ series.
Made with quality materials, simple
and higly reliable.
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DSA is leader in the  labelling machines sector


From over 30 years in the automatic labelling sector to ensure you experience and quality at their finest. Our Delta Machines aren’t afraid of any comparison.



Global quality and local vocation.
Components coming from global level leaders and capable specialists make a bond between technology and cure for detail typical of high quality hand-crafted products, where the human factor is of primary importance.


The company’s human dimension and the custom service make the assistance one of our signature feature. The rooted presence on the market, the quality and reachability of mechanical parts guarantees spare parts rechability in very fast periods of time.

DLM Series: details that counts

Designed and created in Italy

All Delta Machines DLM series products are entirely designed and implemented from Delta Service Automation.


We offer a complete product customization and maintenance service.

Premium assistance

The advantage of beign producers and not intermediaries is to be immediately available.


Whatever is your need, we have the solution you’re looking for. And if it doesen’t exist, we create it. That’s the power of beign producers.

Creating custom and advanced solutions requires a great mix of skill and dedication.

Delta Service Automation earned, with an over 30 years of experience in the sector know-how, the exclusive access to components supplies of global level Companies and the trust of its client in the long period. These features make DSA one of the most expert companies in the sector and their Delta-Machines machines of absolute reliability.